Can a small, ferocious Chihuahua save the day for Tiger Morgan’s family? A HERO IN THE HOUSE is about a young boy’s new puppy who rescues the family from burglars!

Aspen is heartbroken when her father is killed in Afghanistan—but a dog appears that only she is able to see. CHEYENNE: SWEETHEART OF CHARLIE COMPANY is a story you won’t be able to put down.

Can dogs talk? They can in THE MAJESTIC REALM! Come on a fantastic journey to a land where animals—including Rylee's family dog, Harley—are able to speak to humans! But now, how are they going to get back home?

In BLACK DOG, WHITE DOG, a new addition to the family saves Feddie’s mom by discovering an illness she didn’t even know she had.

Working together to survive in the big city isn’t easy. RUFF AND THE BOY PUP is a story about the magic of friendship between a stray dog and his beloved new friend—a human boy!

 If you love stories about dogs and the “magic” they sometimes are able to do, this is the book for you!


Li’l Tom and the Pussyfoot Detective Bureau: The Case of the Parrots Desaparecidos

by Angela Crider Neary

Someone is stealing the parrots of Telegraph Hill! San Francisco is plagued with a rash of exotic birdnappings, and it's up to Li'l Tom and Lola of the Pussyfoot Detective Bureau to track down the culprits and put an end to this sinister scheme. With the help of a motley crew of cats, one rat, and a dog, they'll venture into the dangerous back alleys of Chinatown to rescue the brilliantly plumaged captives!


LI'L TOM AND THE PUSSYFOOT DETECTIVE BUREAU: THE CASE OF THE PARROTS DESAPARECIDOS is a whimsical, all-ages mystery featuring a pair of charming feline detectives. Packed with action, humor, colorful characters, and vivid settings, it's a delightful reading experience for young and old!




A wilderness course on the Green River in Utah has sixteen-year-old Amy Whittaker stuck on a raft with football players and cheerleaders from her high school. No longer able to maintain a low profile among the more popular crowd, she wonders how she’ll survive the week. Even more distressing—Sawyer Tate, her crush since seventh grade, is also in the group. When a torrential rainstorm flips the boats and strands everyone, Amy is forced to take charge. And when Sawyer makes it clear he has feelings for her, remaining invisible is carried away on a current so swift.


Tornado sirens wail, but Steve Cooper and Christy Reed are trapped on the top floor of their apartment building. As they try to get to safe ground, Steve is wounded by gunfire from the two rival gangs who are fighting it out in the apartment stairwell. It can’t get any worse…or can it? With no phone service because of the storm and the building collapsing around them, they must rely on each other. It’s going to take a lot of relationship magic and faith to survive what awaits them…will they live long enough  TO MAKE THE MAGIC LAST?


An antique Victrola record player is the cherished possession of Cassie's grandmother but her new stepmother, Trish, detests it and wants it gone. Despite the heated arguments over getting rid of it, Cassie’s father also seems oddly attached to the antique phonograph, and stands up to his new wife and her demands to see it gone. Cassie’s grandmother is sick, probably dying, and Cassie will be the only one left in the house who sees through Trish as Cassie's brothers no longer live with them. Trish is a threat, and Cassie must protect their family—what’s left of it.

Then Cassie discovers a secret; something so wonderful, yet frightening, that she can hardly believe it. Can she make it work to her advantage? Will her new knowledge save her family…or destroy it?


During the long, hot spring of 1910 it seemed all 12-year-old Jo Harper could do was wait. Wait for her father, wait for her friends, wait for the comet that might appear in the sky and wipe out the whole town of Willowby, Wyoming once and for all. But when wild west legend Abby Drake arrives in town lugging an orphaned baby calf, an old-fashioned revolver, and a mystery shrouded with superstition, it’s up to Jo to take action. Why is Abby in town? Who is she after? And what secrets can Jo coax out of her own arch enemy, Emily Bly?

Action, humor, and real life history combine for an exciting mystery about one girl’s summertime quest for family, friendship, and justice on the windburnt Wyoming range at the dawn of a new century.


Cassie is excited about going to her first party at Lyndsey Stapleton’s house.  Lyndsey is a senior, and everyone that’s anyone will be there.  But, it is a senior party and Cassie’s dad is very protective; what if he doesn’t let her go? 

With her family on the verge of a breakup and Cassie’s mother’s bad choices, Cassie isn’t sure she can handle the turmoil of the coming weekend. Determined to go to the party despite her mother’s mid-life meltdown, Cassie knows she has some hard decisions ahead of her. How can she ever be her own person if she has to worry about her parents? This party means everything…but will her family be strong enough to survive one very life-changing weekend?


Angela Spencer has been dealing with storms as long as she can remember. These storms take over her body, leaving her paralyzed in a wave of fear. Dealing with panic attacks has been detrimental to her high school social life, but this summer Angela is starting over. Her summer job leads to new friends, her first crush, and new opportunities to overcome challenges. As she faces down storms, Angela learns who she really is and just what she is capable of.

Rick Jameson leaves his small Iowa town for the jungles of Viet Nam expecting to come home and marry his high school sweetheart, Vickie Richards. But when he receives a “Dear John” letter with her engagement ring enclosed, Rick decides to be the biggest badass Marine the Viet Cong have ever dealt with. After all…what does he have to live for now? On one suicide mission too many, Rick is shot and left for dead, only to be discovered by a young Vietnamese girl, Hang Le. She saves Rick’s life, and their passion flares in the steamy jungles of southeast Asia.


In 1909 on All Hallows' Eve, three beautiful young sisters perished in a tragic accident…or was it?  For years, citizens of Council Bluffs, Iowa would report strange sightings around Big Lake Park. Were the sightings due to over active imaginations…or something else? Over one hundred years later, Laynee Rodgers's car accident in the same location takes its toll on her memory, but she knows she isn't crazy. With the help of a psychic, she may remember exactly what happened to her, and unlock a century-old mystery in the process—if she only has the courage!

When Marcus and Matthew Manning are drafted after graduation, they are sent to the jungles of Viet Nam.  But they’ve both left some unfinished business back home in Iowa. Matt’s fiancée takes up with his best friend, and Marcus’s girlfriend sends word that she’s expecting a baby, conceived on prom night. For the first time in their lives, the twins don’t share everything—even in the heated war zone of Viet Nam. When Marcus is killed in the heavy fighting at Hamburger Hill, Matt must unravel the mystery of what came between his brother and the young woman who bore his child—and he suspects an old flame of Marcus’s is to blame for the heartache he uncovers. On the verge of finally laying his personal demons to rest over his guilt about Marcus’s death, Matt finds his own love—sweet and unexpected. But what would his brother think if he knew Matt had fallen for the mother of Marcus’s child?

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